Emma Cocker is a writer-artist based in Sheffield and Reader in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. Operating under the title Not Yet There, her research enquiry focuses on the process of artistic endeavour, alongside models of (art) practice and subjectivity that resist the pressure of a single, stable position by remaining willfully unresolved. Cocker’s work unfolds restlessly along the threshold between writing/art, often involving experimental, collaborative and performative approaches to writing in dialogue with, parallel to and as art practice. Her recent writing has been published in Failure, 2010; Stillness in a Mobile World, 2010; Drawing a Hypothesis: Figures of Thought, 2011; Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art, 2012, and On Not Knowing: How Artists Think, 2013, and as a collection entitled The Yes of the No, 2016. She is currently co-researcher on the project Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line, 2014 – 2017.

Paper : Re — (regarding, again and again)

Re — (regarding, again and again) was presented as part of a panel Performance Writing (with Emily OrleyKatja Hilevaara and Johanna Linsley) within Performing Documents, a conference at Arnolfini hosted by the University of Bristol, 12 – 14 April 2013. It focuses on the project Re —  my ongoing collaboration with Rachel Lois Clapham. The full paper can be read here.

Publication: Revolve:R

Revolve: Meditate, Rotate, Muse, Twist, Turn Over In Mind

Revolve:R is a collaborative project in visual correspondence, curated by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal in collaboration with a number of international artists,  based throughout Europe and the USA, which culminates in the publishing of a limited edition bookwork. The project explores the possibilities of an exchange of ideas via a visual and tactile – rather than virtual and digital – form of communication. As site and source of collaborative experimentation for diverse artistic practices, Revolve:R is a vehicle for a new collective language, made physical in the shape of the Revolve:R bookwork.


Diana Ali, Todd DiCiurcio, Patrick Galway, Verena Hägler, Alice Hendy, Antun Maračić, Leila Peacock, Domingo Martínez, Bernd Reichert, Matt Rowe, Emily Speed, Clare Thornton & Emma Cocker, Sam Treadaway, Linnea Vedder, Ricarda Vidal, and the mathematician Oscar Bandtlow.

Revolve:R can be purchased at the forthcoming BABE 13 artists book fair at Arnolfini Gallery. 20th – 21st / April / 2013 or online here.